My beauty sleep

Hey guys! November is the National Sleep Comfort Month, did you know that? 
I have been approached by a new sleep start up, Startup Mattress Company ! (To know more about them just click on the link to visit their cool website).

So, to celebrate the special event they asked me to share with you my perfect beauty sleep. Casper challenged a select group of fashion bloggers to know what stylish people are wearing to bed. 

As I write to you, that song has been stuck in my head "Wake me up before you go-go, taking me dancing tonight" hihihi 

You are not alone, waking up with CASPER!
Drink a large glass of water, listening to your favorite music in the morning can help put you in a good mood, think about your one desire and make it the first thought that pops into your head as you open your eyes in the morning. And don't forget to stretch your arms, legs, neck, everything!!!

So, what do you think of my Beauty Sleep

My beauty sleep